Stupid dogs

Occasionally, people try to tell me that dogs aren't stupid. They are.



Rick-rolling: Finally, Rick Astley speaks.

Oh my

"The fact that you can use Control-click to open URLs in Gnome Terminal is not very discoverable."

dgh, I think you might have revolutionalarised my life!


Self-knitting lamp

I'm not that bothered about lamps in general, but lamps that can knit themselves are quite good:


How Not To Benchmark

No, I'm afraid it's not sensible to attempt to benchmark OS performance by running it as a VM. Please don't (unless you're damn sure what you're doing).


Armageddon Technik

This video will most likely give you terrifying nightmares, but at least they'll be really cool nightmares.


Fujiya & Miyagi

For some reason only just now getting around to listening to Fujiya & Miyagi album, though I've got a couple of their 10"s. They're on Tirk, which obviously means they're great by default. If you like LCD Soundsystem or !!!, or whatever, and that, go get the album. I liked it so much I bought it twice. Admittedly by accident, but still.


New Portishead video.

New Portishead video: Machine Gun. Sounds like a ghost DJing dubstep.


My musical inbox is getting a little out of hand:

The pile of CDs in the background is especially daunting.


How To Create A Running Gag

How To Create A Running Gag, courtesy of one of the few webcomics I like,
Basic Instructions. I feel like I know the characters in it personally.

When Things Explode

When Things Explode is a new site about Manchester music, although it's currently only a blog.
Looks like it'll be good.


And I'm lost in confusion...

I've moved my blog to blogspot.com, so I can add pictures and the like without having to bugger about too much as I did on Advogato.

Just back from the US. Somehow I spent 3 weeks there last time without noticing my hotel was practically next to Rasputin Music. Anyway, I finally did this time on Saturday morning and thankfully had time to do some shopping. At the exchange rate, the 2-disc 12" of Underworld's Jumbo was a particularly good buy, though I was most excited over this:

That's the 12" of Trash. Yes, I went all the way to the US to get a record by a local Manchester band. I missed it first time around, and they're all bought up over here, so I think that's why I didn't own it yet. But it's a great tune.