Skynet is cute


A tale of 3 consoles

The big three consoles, scaled according to how much hardware oomph they pack:

And now in terms of 2007 sales:

Yays for Nintendo.


Brazen broccoli bandit

This guy is an urban hero. If he's destroying it, that is. If he's just eating it, he's a bit weird.


"Our Ecosystem Rocks!"

Awesomely bad from Microsoft:

If that's really supposed to be Bruce Springsteen ... well ... no.

It makes my overlord's song, "The Power Of Sun", seem really, really good.


Rumour has it

That Haddaway is making a comeback. With a single. Featuring Dr. Alban.

That's right.


Zaitcev, you can.

zaitcev: I know you're not entirely serious, but I don't know why Ted's post has put the dampers on anything. Fact is, it's still open source, you can still fix things, and you can still get them into the main codebase. Or fork. Even better, you've been through SMI code review, so you'd be super familiar :)

Ted's post is wrong in many ways of course. It didn't take 3 years to get a distributed SCM for the sources out there. I don't believe for an instant he's stupid enough to think that getting external committers set up is as simple as "setting up a Mercurial server" (I can assume you remember Teamware). The low rate of contributions is not primarily a result of the cumbersome request sponsor process.

You can't call something astroturfing when it's actually doing useful work, just because that rate is fairly low. Especially when you look at how DTrace and ZFS have been ported everywhere (except Linux).

(Update: I would have preferred to reply as a comment, but you have anonymous comments disabled, and LiveJournal is still broken when it comes to openid. I didn't use my work blog as that's for content not chit-chat.)

Facebook grew a stupid bar at the bottom

No, Facebook, I'm not going to use Facebook Chat. Piss off.

Life Imitates Art; Stuff Of Nightmares

Compare and contrast:


Time Warner Delivers Modem Cockroaches.

It's weird enough when the imaginary becomes real. When it's Chris Morris, it's genuinely terrifying.


The Most Unwanted Song

The Most Unwanted Song. I'm in the office, so haven't actually heard it yet. I'm sure it's awesome though.


Play distance diagram

Via Bruce Schnier's blog:

Says it all I think.



Towards a Practical Theology of Peer Review - it's good to finally see some rigour in theology.

Centaur Technology

Via davej: "There are no managers at Centaur. Instead, employees report to Centaur founder and President, Glenn Henry".

There are 85 employees there according to Google. It sounds like living hell to me. Maybe all of those people are both really competent and really nice, but I find it a bit difficult to believe.



Diana fan

What I find most surprising about this guy:

is not that he spent 6 months of his life listening in on the Diana inquest with stuff scrawled over his face, but that he's not a Diana conspiracist!

Open source Windows like Open source Solaris?

etbe: I'm confused by your comments in that opinion article - were you misquoted? How did "advised by your lawyer not to look at code" become "OpenSolaris isn't FOSS" ? BTW, whenever you ask a lawyer a can-I question, they'll always tell you no :) I'm presuming you're not willing to share the details of this legal opinion.

Three-Armed Beyonce

Three-Armed Beyonce Is Not Amused.


Lazy Ad Exec Scum

OK, maybe scum is a little over the top, but I really do hate how lazy advertisers are.
Current bone of contention being this advert:

Now, whilst I don't think the Mighty Boosh crimping thing is at all funny, it's still really annoying they would blatantly rip it off like this. Just as bad is the Berocca ad. Their player doesn't seem to work, but it totally rips off the infamous OK Go video:

(I was also going to moan about the Crusha advert, but turns out Joel actually did that one, so fair enough.)

Dear Television

Probably the best short programme there is: Dear Television. I love the natural eccentricity of
the type of person who would not only write to the BBC about some minor thing about a TV
programme, but choose as their bone of contention the parking practices of fictional police drivers.

Annoyingly it's not on iPlayer, or even anywhere else. Bah.