Lazy Ad Exec Scum

OK, maybe scum is a little over the top, but I really do hate how lazy advertisers are.
Current bone of contention being this advert:

Now, whilst I don't think the Mighty Boosh crimping thing is at all funny, it's still really annoying they would blatantly rip it off like this. Just as bad is the Berocca ad. Their player doesn't seem to work, but it totally rips off the infamous OK Go video:

(I was also going to moan about the Crusha advert, but turns out Joel actually did that one, so fair enough.)

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Anonymous said...

that berocca ad pisses me off so much. i want to bitch slap whoever thought they were clever enough to blatently rob someone elses idea and use it to advertise something crap. as if these people get paid to do that. advertisers piss me off. graphic designers with advertising skills are the way forward not nobs in suits