Amusing prank

An amusing prank. I love how they get back in, as if that'll somehow help.


Getting decent stack traces

Reading through this bug is seriously depressing to read (until Michael Matz steps in).
It was always complete madness to strip symbols from shipping binaries; it was always
madness to disable the frame pointer too. (The debuginfo trick is an excellent solution
to the problems of source-level debugging, by the way, it's just taken way, way, too far).

This is why you have to install a 1Gb debuginfo RPM in order to run OProfile on the kernel. Crazy.

It's a good read if you like to see certain people behaving like asshats to their fellow community
members too.


I Am Neurotic

My favourite quote from I Am Neurotic: "Everyday, at 7:47 am or pm, I always say Boeing, after the Airplane, and I don't know why. I've gotten into a lot of trouble, and I even say it in my sleep."



It's already extremely difficult to watch US TV, with adverts every 7 minutes, and massive animated
station idents taking up half the screen, but this is particularly obnoxious:

It's as if they want you not to watch.