Dear clever types

Can you please hurry up and actually release a decent A4 e-book reader? You guys are so close... I will pay stupid money.


Greg Kroah and Canonical

I can't quite get over how arrogant his talk was. If you're not sending in kernel patches, that means you're bad and all your developers should get jobs elsewhere, apparently. Things like HAL aren't "Linux plumbing", and if you contribute to that, or GNOME in general, tough luck, since other operating systems can use it. GCC, binutils, and X.org are OK though, because, well ... just because.


What new horror

As I just noticed on the TV advert:

Universal Pictures will release a special sing-along edition of the hit movie musical Mamma Mia! in selected theaters nationwide
I've thought of a worse thing than this though: a "wit-a-long" version of Sex And The City.