Audacity is frustrating

You might think that recording and then splitting it into separate audio files based on silences
between each track would be easy to do - sadly not.

Aside from crashing a few times and failing to recover properly, I've been hit by these
enormous frustrations:

- despite claims to the contrary, even 1.3.7 does not correctly alter labels when you modify the
audio. That means there's no way to Truncate Silence without re-doing all your labels!
- you can't split into tracks (or, apparently, make selections) based on labels added by the silence finder, so you can't remove inter-track silences that way either
- the labels dialog has a fun bug where it removes all your labels that don't have names (as
none of them do by default). This gets frustrating fast.
- there's no way to start a recording on the current track - I have to have a new one, it seems. This was fine until I discovered that Mix and Render completely screwed up the merging of all the tracks.

Seriously, how do people actually use this thing?

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Anonymous said...

also in audacity: try opening a file, eg foo.wav. then export to the same filename (foo.wav again). when you agree to overwrite the file, you might expect the new file to be what you just exported. WRONG. it zeros out the file entirely. HORRIBLE BUG - EPIC FAIL.