Scoble sets a new record

I really hate the word “friend.” It has no meaning anymore. No one can define what a friend is. Believe me, I’ve asked dozens of people to define it for me. My wife is my most “true” friend, for instance but if you trust her with picking a great wine (she doesn’t drink much) or picking a great sushi restaurant (she hates the stuff) you’ll be very disappointed. You’d be better off asking @garyvee about the wine even though you’ve never met him and he probably wouldn’t be listed among your “true” friends.

- Scoble

Might I gently suggest friendship isn't about wine recommendations?


Scobleizer said...

Really? I am asking my friends lots of things about what they recommend. But "friend" is a broken word. I won't know who my real friends are until I get sick and see who comes and visits in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

There's a quote that seems particularly relevant here:

"Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine."
-- Fran Lebowitz