Apparently applications should be prepared to lose 60 minutes of data to work around the file system now.

Of course the notion that application should have explicit load/save operations is a nonsense already. Now we should "fix" one of the few places that never had this (ever seen a browser where you have to save your bookmarks explicitly when you quit?) to expose this implementation detail in a data-losing way again.

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Anonymous said...

The point of the blog was not that "it's OK to replace all the recently modified files with zero length files after as system crash."

There are already patches in -next that fix the Ubuntu bugs.

The point of the blog was that fsync() is a useful system call, especially now that every modern filesystem is moving away from syncing every 5 seconds. On ext4 the default is to sync data after 30 seconds (not 60 minutes obviously).

ZFS also waits longer to sync data.