Changing liferea keyboard shortcuts

Liferea has no keyboard shortcut editor itself, but "Toggle unread status" demands the wrist-breaking chord action of Control-U. It expects you to be able to edit the shortcuts via the editable menu feature of GTK+.

Unfortunately that's disabled on all modern GNOME installs, and there's no UI for re-enabling it. As usual, gconf-editor to the rescue. The key you need to change is /desktop/gnome/interface/can_change_accels. After re-starting Liferea, you can then edit via hovering over the menu item and pressing the combination. Of course, this in itself is buggy: if it clashes with a menu accelerator (as 'r' is), it will perform that action instead.

It's simpler to directly edit the accels file in your Liferea dot dir.

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steam said...

Hi! I just wanted to say "thank you" for this post.

I just switched to Liferea from Thunderbird and I can't believe how much more lightweight it is!- but the lack of keyboard shortcuts was really bothering me.

I didn't even notice a custom shortcuts file in its folder, despite poking around in it. :( It's really helpful to know that I can recover some of my familiar keyboard shortcuts from other RSS programs. :) It makes the switch even easier.