Avoid vps247 hosting

Late last year, I was forced to find a new host for movementarian.org, as my previous hosting provider (Blue Room Hosting, who were really great) were shutting down. I went with VPS247, as they were local to Manchester and seemed reasonable.

Unfortunately my experience has been terrible. They've failed to keep the machines on the net, regularly causing ssh sessions to die. The dmesg is full of warnings about the block drivers failing to write for more than two minutes: evidently the SAN setup they have is totally unreliable.

My VM went down for a significant amount of time and support were very slow to respond. During the total outage, there were no status updates, and no response on the support tickets or the forums. The penultimate straw was when my filesystem was massively corrupted. Even though my VM is hardly critical, I can't be doing with unreliability like this, especially when they're not reachable when problems occur.

My final straw, though, was when I discovered they'd deleted all the negative comments from the Client Comments section of their forum. That's really, really, not on.

I'm now with linode and happy (so far).


Unknown said...

I agree, my Post "JofleyUK" after hostmans comments actually explained how they have affected my business, the lost revenue from resellers leaving and yearly hosted accounts not renewing. I also explained there about their monitoring and how I seemed to be the first person ringing them with problems. The best comment i had from one of them at ICE Colo was.... "Oh yes, the SAN seems to have went bye bye..." WHAT!! you can guess how furious that made me! Took them 1 hour to get it fixed. Also mentioned about data errors after the SANS went to read only mode, i spent more time restoring backups than doing any work. ALSO, they dont fully understand their platform at all, it should have been BETA tested more before it went to production. Needless to say, I moved hundreds of sites from multiple nodes at VPS247 to another company.

John Levon said...

Yuck. I had hoped they'd treated their more serious customers better. Clearly not.

Sam said...

Feeling your pain on that one!


UmbeeHosting said...

Interesting I nitched these guys had some good Google rankings and when I looked at the prodcuts they seemed really cheap. I guess you get what you pay for huh.